Monday, October 22, 2007

Hide-N-Go Seek

I started a new painting. Here is simple sketch of what I want to do. Its a bunch of monsters playing hide-n-go seek or ghost in the graveyard or something. I used to play this game a lot when I was a wee lad. The fall weather kinda triggered all these memories of running and hiding in the woods and having lots of fun trying to find new hiding spots.

Here I started off by spraying the sky.

Next I cut a huge stencil by taping cereal boxes together. Its really long!

Here's how the rest of the background turned out.

Once the background is finished I covered the canvas with tracing paper and doodled on some of my characters.

Now I'm battling on whether to spraypaint the characters or not. If I do, I need some huge chunks of cardboard or somthing... If I go acrylics... well thats just a ton of paint! Haha. Plus I don't like how my red acrylic paints turn out. *shake fist* I'll duke it out soon enough.

Okay, so I went with the spraypaint. I made the stencils out of posterboard... not the greatest to use, they do tend to get all wavey and curl in contact with the spray paint.

Yup... This is the ghetto... the ghetto of trees where I make most of my spraypainted paintings and stuff.

Here is part of the stencil I cut out. spraypainted the mouth red and when I took it off the painting I was like "OMG! I made a zombie!" I think I'll have to paint my stencil and hang it up somewhere.

Here is how the painting is going. theres going to be an orange character on one side and a big green character on the left. Dont worry about the center, I just placed my stencil there.

Heres another shot with the mouths red. Looking sweet!

Heres how the two big guys came out, they are looking sweet. You can see I started painting the eyes and teeth on them.

Here is a detailed shot of whats going on in the middle. I love my tree. Its turned out so cool! Still a lot of work to do but its wrapping up pretty smooth!

Here it is! All done! This was probably one of the funnest paintings to make. I really enjoyed it. Check it out on dA here!


Juan Francisco said...

Soo cool, i can't wait to try your step by step guid by myself, but i don't have a decent design yet... :(

Juan Francisco said...

i'm rendan86 on DA :P

Jessica Joy said...

Totally sweet! I'm so glad you post your in progress now! Super cute painting too! P.S. The guy on the right looks green here, but on DA it doesn't.

Paula said...

WOW I really love to see how you do your stuff! =]
Your caracters seem always so funny (they make people smile ya know? ;D).

oh btw I'm GataSilenciosa on dA.