Monday, October 8, 2007

Love is in the air...

Word up Ninjas!?!

I started a new painting and its almost done. Heres what I've been doing:

I flipped through a pile of sketchs and thought this guy would be a fun one to paint:
I know my sketches are horrible!!! Stop laughing! *shake fist*

I then resketch my original sketch on a sheet of tracing paper:

Once I got that ready I transferred the image onto some card board and made some stencils.

QUICK! Grab some Krylon!

So after some fun paint slingin and flinging here is how the robot is coming along:

In the above pic you can see I already started outlining the robot with some paint markers.

After some more outlining I quick made a heart stencil and sprayed that on too.

Its almost finished, just got to do some more touch ups and it'll be ready to be hung up on the wall.

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Jessica Joy said...

Oh this is awesome! I am so glad to see that you are sharing your process with us! Everybody I know is pretty much married and has kids already too. I feel your pain!