Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finger Fox

Productive day!!! I finished the "Love is in the air..." painting and you can find the final: HERE!

Also started an odd painting. I was cornered and almost raped by two boyscouts selling carmel corn. I karate chopped the one and tried to do the "Vulcan death grip" on the other but they were too darn short... so I threw a $10 at them and got myself a small tin of carmel corn.

It was yummy!

Now I have this crappy tin and I thought, "Hey Jake! This would be a cool tin to put your pins in!" And I was like: "YEAH!!! Dude! It totally would!" So I started painting the tin. You can kinda see it behind this sexy fellow:

While I was spraying the tin some red paint fell onto my fingers. I thought it looked kinda foxy so I penned in some little details:

Oh, back in July (?) or was it June... bah! I don't know... I found this cabinent on the side of the road out for trash pick up... I totally yoinked it. My Dad fixed part of the broken bottom and I painted it up! Its the sweetest new addition to my room. I keep all my music and animated movies in there. But yeah. I have a cool room.

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