Friday, October 19, 2007


Donald, the super crazy awesome comic shop dude, gave me this 8" DIY Qee to make a mascot for his comic store. I'm so pumped.

First things first.... How can you take one of these guys apart? After a lot of forum reading and site hunting I found the easies way is to use a hair dryer and blast some heat at the joints. Not too much but just enough to soften and pry the parts off.

Here I started masking off the parts on the Qee that I want left the original plastic. It glows in the dark so I though it'd be sweet if the eyes glowed. Here I used masking tape and vinyl stickers.

Here's how the head turned out after spray painting and peeling all the mask off. Its looking sweet. There are lots of areas that need some touching up though.

The arms are going to have flames on them to mimic the logo of the comic shop's. Here I painted a yellow>orange gradient and will mask of the flames with vinyl and paint the rest black.

Sorry! I was on a roll and didn't stop to take any shot in between, here is how the final version came out:

Check it out on deviant art here!

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Juan Francisco said...

damm, want to see the rest!!