Sunday, December 30, 2007

Moose Munny

Bah! Its been awhile since I've posted anything new. I worked on rebuilding my website. Check it out

I picked up a Munny awhile back so here is what I've been doing with it:
I recently picked up an airbrush to mess around with and base coated the munny light blue:
I then started working on the antlers by taking some wire and foil:
After making a rough shape for the antlers I took some sculpey and formed it around the foil:
I went back to the body and painted a big spot on the belly and worked on the head:

Its turning out pretty cute so far.
Here is how the body looks assembled with the arms in:
After painting the face on I glued the antlers on and wah LAH! I call him MuSu!

I pegged my initials and date on the bottom. MuSu rules! I love him!
See him on deviantart!


Jessica Joy said...

of course your initials have to be joined by a heart lol how cute!

Gabrielle said...

SO cute! I love him! I love all your pieces, actually... the stop light demons are hilarious and the comic store mascot is choice.

Do you sell your stuff?