Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stoplight Demons

I got a new job just north of Chicago and the transition has been an interesting one.
I come from a small little farm town in Wisconsin and the most annoying thing about Illinois are all the stoplights!!! I was sitting at this particular intersection and the stop lights made me
burst into the gigles:

I thankfully had my camera on me and snapped the above pic. I rushed back to the place I'm staying at and tossed the picture into photoshop and started painting away:

The lights turned to eyes and soon bodies took form. I used the smudge tool to swirl and
create the creatures and sculpt the photograph. After smudging out the general shapes I went back and painted and smudged some more.

Pretty soon the photograph turned into a bunch of silly demons in their cave.
This was really fun to make, especially looking at the original photograph to the final result.

Now instead of hating stoplights, I laugh and enjoy them because deep
down they are really just a bunch of silly demons.


Homie Bear said...

Those silly demons!
But seriously, this is sheer brilliance, I followed the link from your deviation and had no idea it started as a photo. You should put this in your dA journal too.

Paula said...

whoot for th stoplights! brilliant idea! =D

Paploo said...

That is a cool idea; I wish I were that clever.

DeuceTheWild said...

At last!!! i'm not the only one who sees the stoplight demons!!!

Anonymous said...

this is cool! ive never had stoplights inspire me. but everyday objects work for me.

- Justin said...

Cube! Dude... this is my fav!

I love this... sheer brilliance.

I still want to meet up and discuss your work and what other direction's you might want to take it.