Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spirited Tunes

Here is a doodle I sketched one day. I decided it would make a cool painting so off I went.

I started off by making a green background:

I saved a scrap of vinyl from my last job and used the dot pattern for a cool background effect:
Next I thought it'd be cool if the MP3 player had a funky glow behind it,
so I cut out a stencil for it:
I also overlayed some of this window vinyl for another cool dot pattern/halftone effect.
Here is how the glow turned out:
Next I worked on the stencil of the Mp3 player and the spirits, I first started the screen:
Next I made the Mp3 player and shadow:
Here you can see me working on the spirits:
Here is the canvas with all the stenciling done.
After adding some details and faces the painting is done. I modeled the Mp3 player off of the Zune, I have one and love it to pieces.

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Krystal said...

is this all airbrushing? sorry if that's a stupid question, it looks like it to me but just thought I'd ask. It's amazing work, I wish I could create art like that, sadly, not my forte.